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Ageha is the biggest nightclub in Asia, with a dance floor capacity of 5500.  In 2003 a group of Japanese business men attended the Saint At Large Black Party at Roseland and asked to be put in touch with the designer of the event.  Guy Smith received a call, asking if he could adapt some of his previous designs for that event to become a permanent installation in Tokyo, for an as-yet-to-be-built night club.  Meetings ensued in Tokyo, and Guy Smith consulted on all aspects of the design, including the shape of the actual building interior, roof height, and load bearing.  He also designed a custom winch motor control system which was then executed by a Japanese gantry crane manufacturer to the exact specifications drawn in meetings.  Guy then planned all the logistics to transport all of the equipment mostly American-made, to Japan by freight consolidator and air-freight. Nine months later Guy and Jim Toth, the sound designer, were sent to Tokyo again for seven weeks to over see the final installation.  Guy programmed and operated the control systems and lighting, trained staff, and operated the opening two weeks of events. 

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