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With any venue as our canvas, we paint with light, using color and hue to transform space.  Services include anything from just programming and operation of existing systems, to a complete lighting design and procurement package with drawings and renderings.


For any event, video provides a shared focal point for guests.  Employing projection, LED video walls, video curtains, and flat screens, FRDG utilizes the latest technology to insure the ultimate viewer experience.  Visual Art services include projection design, LED set design, video mapping, and custom video content creation for normal flat surfaces, or complex three dimensional surfaces.


FRDG provides unique staging and visual decor solutions for any event.  We creatively and competently design staging, roof structures, trussing, tenting, sets, and other solutions customized to meet any clients’ needs. 


FRDG brings dedication, education, the latest technology, and a wealth of experience to bear to provide consultation in all creative aspects of your production.  An eye catching and inspiring event does not necessarily have to involve the newest or more expensive equipment - we believe that the simplest of items, used in new and unexpected ways, can move your audience just as effectively. 



FRDG provides realistic rendering services to bring your designs to life. We collaborate with designers and design firms to visualize your shows in both stills and animated renderings. 

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