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Color is a means of exerting direct influence upon the soul.  Color is a keyboard.  The eye is the Hammer.  The soul is the piano, with its many strings"

- Kandinsky. 

Free Radical Design Group integrates technical expertise with artistry.   Our team of seasoned virtuosos utilize cutting edge lighting, sound and video technology to create mood and ambiance for private parties, corporate events, fashion shows, concerts, and theatrical productions.  Additionally, we install permanent lighting, sound and video systems for nightclubs and theaters.   Working closely with our clients, we source the latest technology to translate their vision into reality. 


Led by designers Guy Smith and Robert Montenegro, the Free Radical Design Group insists that each event is uniquely spectacular and reflects and exceeds the client’s every desire.   We provide production management for each event, ensuring that we are able to complete every job on time and on budget.

Our Clients

The Cosmic Opera • Best Buy • Loomstate • Nice Collective Fashion • Paper Magic • The Israel Philharmonic • Mt Sinai Hospital • MTV / CMT • Comcast • Malan Breton Fashion • The Light Parade & Glow Ball • Wolfsonian Museum • Riverkeepers  • The Children’s Health Fund • The Hotel Experience Awards • Elan Awards for Modern Dance • Lenox Hill Hospital • Altzhiemers Foundation • Jagermiester • Atlantis Events • Mark Morris Dance Group • Miller Beverages • The African Art Museum • Les Miserables • Kodak • His Holiness the Dalai Lama • Parliament Cigarettes • WKTU • WBLI • The Hyatt Regency • The Bodleian Library • The Karon Foundation • Fire Island Dance Festival • Michael J Fox Foundation • Nokia • Hetrick Martin Institute • Vogue • Elite Models • GLAAD Media Awards • Starlight Foundation • The Red Cross •  “The $treet” Television Series • Nautica • Kanye West • The Tony Awards • The Crewe of Endymion (Mardi Gras) • David Binder Productions • Great Performances • Buena Vista Pictures • The WB Network • Visionnaire


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